Business Services

We setup, maintain, repair and protect small business Networks.

Our A+, N+ and MCSE certified technicians review your current network configuration and make certain that it operates at peak performance. We ensure security from all malicious threats including hackers, viruses and malware. Tired of spam? Blocking spam enterprise wide is one of our specialties. If you don’t have a network we can implement a solution that is a “best fit” for your organization, no matter the size.

We will tell you what we are doing before we start and will take care of all the details.

Your small business needs to capitalize on the computer investments you've made. Let us solve your problems and fine tune all systems to work at maximum efficiency.

Read some TechSpeak to see if we have the detailed skills you need.

We also offer...

Home Services

Network/System Installation for all situations. We can set up that pesky wireless network that you're having problems with.

Our technicians come to you in the comfort of your own home. You'll never need to pack up your computer to bring it in for service.

We will explore with you your current needs, and point out what you should expect from the future of hardware and software. Any solution offered will fit what you need, and nothing extra.