Add a folder to "Favorite Folders" in Outlook 2003

Adding Folders to "Favorite Folders" is most useful with Public Folders because it's how you can make them available for review OFFLINE and how you can view a "Public Folder Calendar" side by side with another.
To work with folders other than your "Mail", "Calendar", "Contacts etc you must be viewing the "FOLDER LIST".  To see this, click on the icon that looks like a folder in the Outlook2003 "Navigation Pane"
Browse to the folder you want to add to your favorites and RIGHT CLICK on it.  Select ADD TO FAVORITES.
By default it will let you customize the "favorite" name of the folder.  If you click OPTIONS you can select to add all subfolders to your favorites too, as shown in this image.

* You should select "Add all Subfolders" so that new subfolders are added automatically.


You might think you're done, but this is unintuitive because there's a little more to do.

You've now added this folder to your "Favorites", the same as it worked in Outlook2000 and OutlookXP.  You now open up the "Public Folders\Favorites"folder...
And RIGHT CLICK on each folder that you want to have in your "MAIL" view and select "ADD TO FAVORITE FOLDERS".

(Yes, it sounds very repetitive...)

Once you click back on "MAIL" in the navigation pane you will see these folders.


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Last updated 06/15/2007