Change Management IP Address on Motorola Surfboard 5101 Cable Modem

Sorry if this got your hopes up, but this is not changeable.


While trying to create a VPN to a network using Linksys QuickVPN I received errors that indicated that there was a problem with the remote network.

Just for fun, I pinged the default gateway (, and got an answer! Checking showed me that the Motorola 5101 was listening on this page, and my Linksys (at was passing me through to it.

A useless call to Comcast only reaffirmed that their poor customer service folks aren't giving training to think outside their little box of basic network setups.

Google showed nothing, but the Motorola support got me to a guy who immediately knew the issue I was talking about, and he delivered the bad news.   I can switch to a different cable modem by them (SBG900) to get a device that I can change the LAN IP for.

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