How do I Configure Remote Desktop Sharing using NetMeeting?

1Click START/RUN and type in CONF.  Click OK.
2If you don't see this screen, but instead see Netmeeting opening, click here. (You'll be skipping ahead to step 10)

If you see this screen, click NEXT.

3Enter enough information to make the NEXT button available.  Click it.
4Clear all checkboxes, and click NEXT.
5Select Local Area Network, regardless of your actual speed.  Click NEXT.
6Clear both of the checkboxes.  Click Next.
7You can just click NEXT.
8Same here.
9Click Finish.
10Netmeeting will open.
11Select Tools, Remote Desktop Sharing.
12If you see this screen, Click the checkbox to Enable Remote Desktop Sharing and click OK.  Return to the "How to Enable" Help section.  

If you don't see this screen, continue below.
13Click Next.
14Click Next.
15Click Next.
16Select a Screensaver.  This is an important security feature.  You can set the "wait" time to be a very long time if you want.
17Click Finish.

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Last updated 02/14/2005