How do I enable Remote Desktop Sharing using NetMeeting?

1Look in your "System Tray" near the clock for an icon that looks like this.

If you don't see this icon, it means that Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing is not enabled.  Click here to learn how to enable this program.
2"Right Click" on this icon, and ensure that the service is activated
3(If you right click again, this is what you should see)
4Click START, RUN and type in CMD

and Click OK
5At the "Command Prompt" type ipconfig and hit enter

Keep this screen available, as you'll need the number that is your "IP Address".  In this screen shot, it is  YOURS WILL BE DIFFERENT.
6Click here to open up your router's settings

No username is needed.  Enter your router password.  The default is 'admin'
7Click the STATUS button and find your PUBLIC IP ADDRESS. (Shown here in the red box.)  Give that to the caller. (Me  =)  )
8Click the YELLOW/ORANGE button marked ADVANCED (not shown clearly in this screen shot).  Click the tab marked "DMZ HOST".  Restore the window that contains your "IP Address" and enter the last 3 digits (last octet) into the box here, and click "APPLY".
9You'll see this screen.  Click Continue.  Don't close the next window.
10After I've hung up, restore this window to a 0, to restore the security of your configuration.

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Last updated 02/14/2005