Moving "Users Shared Folders" and "ClientApps" on Small Business Server 2003 (SBS 2003)
I found the answer to both of these problems... and it involves removing and reinstalling the administration component...but there's more.

I was working with my Dell preinstalled SBS2003, which came completely configured.

I did this all using RD. This requires Disk 3 of setup.

Go into A/R programs and select Change/Remove on Windows Small Business Server 2003.

You have to remove the admin component (which removes the "Server Administration" MMC set completely) then reboot. It doesn't come back up automatically, so you have to run it again from A/R programs. (I noticed it put the "configure server" shortcut back on the desktop though. This allows you to change the location of Users Shared Folders. CAUTION: I did this on a server with NO data yet (thankfully) because it removed the folder entirely. If you're doing this on an existing server, copy your data someplace first.

To change the ClientApps folder, you need to remove and reinstall the "Client deployment" component.

Not well documented, but not hard to do, either.


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Last updated January 19, 2005