How to look at and export Event Viewer files

Click START/RUN and type in eventvwr - click OK.     (You can also see this by MANAGING your computer)
There are 3 logs to look in.

Application shows events that the 'application'(s) have been programmed to report to this log.  Usually only MS programs

Security shows events about logons, etc.

System shows events about Windows, unrelated to external applications.

You can check any events that have a yellow or red mark. is one of the best resources to use.
You may be asked to send me a copy of your logs.  To do this, right click on the log and select SAVE LOG FILE AS.

Each log file must be saved.  Name them according to the type of log file.

When sending them to me, you should use a compression program such as Winzip to compress them.

If you found this document useful, please let me know - drop me a quick email.

Last updated 02/14/2005